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My two-hour workout

6.30: Wake up. Glance at alarm clock. Decide whether or not I really need that workout. 6.40: Drag myself out of bed. Throw on Muslim swimsuit, tights, and white, oversized branded t-shirt. 6.45: Go to rooftop pool. Discover that is, literally, a rooftop pool. Spend ten minutes zoobing at the view. I can see the […]

Thou shalt not. Really.

I get amused when people tag me. Seeing as I’m the Queen of TMI [I am working hard to relinquish my Queendom of technobofia], I can’t think what anyone would want to know that I haven’t already told them. 🙂 So. For Mo. 10 true things about myself. I’m at a point where I’m bored […]

Ken Lee, Edition 255

The title probably makes no sense to anyone except this one, this one, and possibly this one. I tried to find a link to explain it, but the search button jammed. 🙁 Sorry. But it’s got something to do with Pop idols, South America, and Mariah Carey. I’m in a workshop this week, working with […]

How to alienate your child…for about thirty minutes

If there’s one thing I loved in my cousins, it was their street smarts. They may not know what PS 3 [or it’s 80s equivalent] is, but they could climb a certain thorn tree, harvest its berries, and make the amazingest purple juice with nothing but sticks and a measuring jug. I never admired them […]

Hi, I'm CB, and I'm a tweetaholic

So today, a new followee asked a question that a lot of people are too polite to ask [except for my pal Z, the only chick I know who’s more brazen than me! Bow down!!] ‘What’s with the name?’ When I first started blogging, I did like three posts explaining the name. But as I […]