So today, a new followee asked a question that a lot of people are too polite to ask [except for my pal Z, the only chick I know who’s more brazen than me! Bow down!!]

‘What’s with the name?’

When I first started blogging, I did like three posts explaining the name. But as I have this annoying habit of deleting stuff, I’ve lost the gist of the original post somewhere. So I figured, why not ask – who is Crystal balls.

Well. Now then. It’s about nuts. Not that kind of nuts, I don’t own those. But I do like nuts. Peanuts, cashew nuts, hazel nuts, coconuts, all kinds of nuts. Loose nuts too, I’ve been accused of having those.

And nuts rhymes with…guts. I have some of those. Used to have a lots. Not so much lately. See, the way I saw it, it was okay to say anything as long as it was true. And the more outrageous the truth, the louder I yelled it. My first blog bio was Crystal balls: telling it like it is. I was a no-holds-barred kinda girl. As long as ni ukweli, then anything goes. I was the girl who’d tell you your nose was big and your feet were small, and gift you a giant mirror. I figured people would learn, would open up, if we could all just be honest and say how we really feel, screwdriver diplomacy.

But I’ve grown up some, and I’ve seen that truth hurts. A lot. So I’ve toned down. I’m still painfully lucid with myself, not so much with other people. And just last week I lost one of my dearest friends to honesty and my big mouth. So lets just say the balls, though just as tough, just as clear, and just as loud, are currently cushioned in black un-see-through velvet, and not Victoria’s kind.

CB was also about telling fortunes, so to speak. I’m INFJ, future oriented. And I figure the best way to improve the future is to be truthful here and now. I still believe that. Plus gypsies are kinda cool. Long dark hair, haunting strings, misty pasts, gold hoops, romantic scents…and the bohemian look so rocks fashion-wise.

So. That’s who CB is now. I came up with the name Crystal Balls when I started blogging an some site called Blogit. It didn’t really work out, but I met my favourite sailor there, so yay!! My good friend Archer shortened the name to CB for his blogroll, and the nickname stuck. It has a nice ring to it, I rather like it, and cuts the shock down some, from people who can’t say B… without blushing.

Why three? Well, I’ve deleted my blog several times, so this is, technically, the 3rd CB. And why C? Now that one…you can check my ID…if you can get your hands on it, coz that photo is so … let’s just say those gover camera-people should be shot, hung, smoked, and buried, and not in that order.

PS: My first thought when I hear Crystal Balls is some dark misty room with a scary long-nosed, pale-faced lady talking eerie and telling my fortune. It’s always a tall dark handsome stranger, which, btw, most gypsy males are, and I can bet there were lots of them hanging around said booth, no? Fortune-telling success rate = WIN…

So it amuses me how everyone else’s mind jumps to the other kind of crystal balls…

For more information on 3CB, click here.

6 thoughts on “Hi, I'm CB, and I'm a tweetaholic

  1. Thank you CB for sharing….. I’m not a tweetaholic myself but somebody suggested this tweetaholic anonymous meeting… they figured I’d learn something interesting from all y’all.

    As Mrs Kirubi used to say, there is hope for the restoration of the elect remnant…decade(s) on, i’m still not sure what it means, but it sure sounds deep…

  2. CB…now what’s a tweetaholic…? seriously am glad to visit your blog…I like honest people…they pain me sometimes but they are lots better than those who go talking behind your back after an embarrasing event…you would be my pal

    twitter. it’s the new FB, well, sort of. i can’t go five minutes without tweeting. check it out.

  3. Screwdriver diplomacy? Me likes this term.

    actually, when i use it, some letters are silent…

    There are a lot of situations where one would like to be frank with someone, but seeing as the truth is always a difficult pill to swallow, one tends to sugarcoat it. Does that make us hypocrites?

    nah, just grown ups

    Ati I came up with what? 🙂

    You shortened Crystal balls to CB, which is far nicer for ‘gentlepeoples’, pretty cool too :). And yes dear, you do get royalties for that

    I’m still getting the hang of Twitter. Just caught the bug a couple of days ago.

  4. I also always thought the name was about seeing into the future or something of the sort.

    Also, I still don’t get Tweeter. It feels almost eerie to me to have people know every hour (or every few hours) what one is doing. I’d feel stifled.

    Different strokes…


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