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Mission accomplished

So. For a little over a week, I felt what it was like to be sanguine. I have to admit, it’s kinda fun being so funky and pretty and energized all the time. And you ladies [Max, Loco, Thogori, Kipepeo] do it so well ! It was a pleasure serving with you. But I can’t […]

Nani kama mimi?

Me!! That’s right. Me! Me me me. And I. Myself. Personally. On my own behalf. Me. I just screwed a light bulb. Or to be more accurate, I unscrewed it. I have here, for my own viewing pleasure, and since I have no pixels to prove it, exhibit A, one unscrewed light bulb. It is […]

It's got to be the hair

I’ve been pretty busy with work and stuff, so I have bounced my fortnightly dates with Rashidi the Moody Hairdresser for a while. Consequently, my head has left a lot to be desired. Fortunately, when you have dreads, uncoiffed just makes you look more rasta. But when you’re a rasta feki like me, the temptation […]

Women and cars

No, this isn’t one of those posts. I like cars. I don’t know much about them. Except that I want a burgundy old-school volkswagen beetle with original V-dub wheelcaps, raised bigfoot wheels, a padded, silenced subaru engine and … the name Sasha if it’s a boy. But no, I don’t know much about cars. Except […]

The call

I suppose that to most people, it is odd that I am making such a big deal about this whole sanguine trip. After all, according to my intimates, I have been Little Miss Bubbly all along. [and thanks for saying that savvy, you’re so sweet :)] It’s just that, as one said, nawekanga sura ya […]