So, it finally happened, the next cowboy got lassoed and I am back here . Sigh. It worked out fairly well last time, so hopefully second time’s a charm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck my friend, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. I’ll refrain from those midnight texts if you’ll keep her from plucking my eye[lashe]s out, deal?

Anyway, naturally, me being CB and all, this news prompted some soul searching and think-alouding and all that good stuff that churns endless posts and…

I was having a conversation with some girls the other day, and they were bashing the L word. I don’t mean lust, they were rather in favour of that one. See, their argument was, love is a gamble. No guarantees.

You can’t avoid alcohol by marrying a teetotaller, coz he could pick the habit. That man-about-town who takes you rave every night could get promoted, grow sense, and suddenly force you to tame. Your chain-smoking boy-toy could get cancer and start lecturing you instead of buying you fancy gold lighters. Your mousy man could turn schizo and grow an Italian accent. So their argument was, stick to lust, and when you get hurt, find some sweet innocent rebound to hurt. Karma.

I suppose one way to insulate yourself is not to love at all. If you can. Some people do it pretty well. I haven’t learnt that yet.

Anyway, what was my point again? Right. In many relationships, using condoms is seen as a threat. Ask your S/O to use a condom and he/she will likely ask ‘Don’t you trust me?’

Trust is the best reason to use a condom.

Think about it.

Cheating happens one of two ways. Either your S/O is so confident of your love/affection/devotion/neediness that they don’t bother to hide their promiscuity; they know you’ll never leave them, so they bully you into riding bareback.

Or your S/O had an accident [like a stripper at the bacelor(ette) party] and would die if you found out. Possibly the ‘accident’ is a more permanent side dish, lakini your relationship is mandatory [because of status, extremely high dowry, kids, pesky relatives, scary in-laws, ‘love’, social standing etc.] and cannot be disturbed. The offender knows that even the mention of the C word will cast doubt, so he/she keeps it quiet, pray you will never find out, and keep putting you at risk.

So call me cynic romantic like Pinkem and Val, lakini I think the closer you are to your partner, the greater the reason to go durex.

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5 thoughts on “No guarantees: use CDs

  1. I’m still confused over the platonic friend/ SO scenario…so hapo I will wait and see…

    “I suppose one way to insulate yourself is not to love at all. If you can. Some people do it pretty well. I havenโ€™t learnt that yet.” …………this I need to learn

    is it really a learnable skill though?

  2. mhmmm! not quite sure I know what u on about… never knew CDs were optional.

    they still are in Africa hun

    Good info this.

  3. LOL. Interesting! Trust is quickly starting to look like a good reason for people to “go durex”… given the stats in Kenya though, I’d have to say (and I never thought I would!!) that marriage seems to be the best reason. First time over, I love your way with words.

    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you enjoyed the post

  4. Love is a risky affair. Kweli, I agree that there are no guarantees, just (mis)guided hopes.

    we’re romantics, we will hope on ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am learning how not to love at all…..don’t know how it helps but I am hoping it will.

    i think you miss out on life that way, there has to be some reasonable inbetween ๐Ÿ™‚

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