Go here, and answer 72 questions. Each question has a Yes or No answer. Be frank. After you finish, you will get a four-letter combination.

Now, go here and find the link to your combination, and read what it says. Marvel at how accurate it is, and accuse them of occult and soothsaying. Then start to wonder how they pegged you so clearly, and read on to find out.

The key in identifying your personality is in the T, F, S and N. We all have a little bit of each, and it’s how we use the four parts that make us who we are. These four letters are called cognitive functions. They’re what your brain does. T is for Thinking, F is for Feeling, S is for Sensing, and N is for Intuition.

Each of the cognitive functions can be ‘e’ or ‘i’. Think of it as talking – you can shout or you can whisper, but you must use words. So when you whisper T, you are Ti; and when you are shouting T, you are Te.

Now then; T is about using logic. Ti is when you use logic internally. You figure out how things work on the inside, like breaking a machine and figuring out how each part works, or like knowing each of the instruments in a band or orchestra. You could call it the Sylar factor. Te uses logic to arrange things into groups, like drawing charts, making timetables, or sorting clothes for the washing machine, or conducting the said band into a perfect whole. Ti dismantles things, while Te puts them back together again. Are you a person who likes to take things apart, and notices the tiny details about stuff that nobody else notices? That’s Ti. Are you the one that cleans up after everyone, divides people into teams, makes flow charts and colour codes stuff? That’s Te.

Then there is F, which is about social justice and doing the right thing. Fe is focused on others, you want to do what is right for them, following society’s standards, even if it hurts you. The matyr, and sometimes the doormat, Fe wants to save the world, often at the expense of self. Fi, on the other hand, does what is right for ‘me’, is terribly stubborn, and often misunderstood, because it is individual, unique, totally internal, and therefore difficult to explain. It is not any less caring than Fe, but it is more independent. Fi is likely to be the eccentric, to stand out from the crowd, because it sets its own boundaries and does not do things ‘just because everyone else does’. It is unique and unconventional, and paints things in its own colour. It decides for itself what is right, based on its own inbuilt conscience which is rarely moved by ‘the mobs’. When Fi’s sense of right and wrong is aligned with the crowd and with the public, then there is no beef, but if Fi feels different or threatened in any way, it is virtually impossible to sway.

‘N’s know things without understanding how or why. They ‘just know’. Ne is outwardly focused – they interpret things. They see you crying and know what caused it. ‘Ni’ are the creepoids [like yours truly] who look at you and know you’re about to cry, even when your face is bright and your eyes are clear.

Finally, S, by it’s nature, is physical. ‘S’ enjoy sensory pleasures, things they can taste, touch, see. So they are fans of beautiful things, nice perfumes, textured surfaces. Se is about the present, what is going on around them, what is happening here and now, they don’t think much about the future. Si’s are focused on memories. They will think about how their room smelt when they were little, how their mum wore her hair, what his skin felt like the first time. Si’s will try to recreate the experiences by wearing, smelling or seeing the same things.

We all possess an S, N, T and F factor, but we are who we are because of our bias. Everyone has one function which they use more than the others. People who are mainly Se’s are spontaneous. They live for the moment, and their priority is things that feel good to the body. Si’s are bodily as well, but they are focused on maintaining things that felt good in the past. They are conservative and stubborn, not wanting to try out new things. Ti’s are so busy figuring out how things work that they lose touch of the world around them. Hence, mad professors never comb their hair. Te’s are always organizing, systemizing and arranging everything. Neat freaks. Fe’s get walked all over trying to make everybody happy but themselves, conversely, Fi’s are all about me, me, me. Tantrums galore. Ne’s interpret signs and symbols, and are great at working out cause and effect. Ni’s just need to get out of their heads more and stop prophesying all the time, even though it’s awfully fun.

F and T are about choices, while S and N are about absorbing info. So if your T or F is strongest, you’re decisive, you act quickly, often without ‘thinking’ or without waiting for all the news. You’re impulsive and quick to respond. But if your S or N is dominant, you weigh all your options before you do anything and are generally more level headed and sensible in your actions, slow to react. Potential to freeze up in emergencies…

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  1. Good analysis; but we’ve got to have another talk about Fe/Fi and one or two other things.

    **notebook poised** Ehe?

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