Okay, if you’re not completely lost, let’s go back to your four-letter combination. You probably don’t need [or want] to read all this other stuff, so just scroll down to the paragraph that describes you. I’ve tried to be brief, and the links go much deeper. Here goes. Here’s a table summarizing the types.

I’m INFJ. That means I’m Ni Fe Ti Se. My Ni means I know things, I can’t explain how or why I know them, but I just know them. Like I knew he had bought a new car before he told anyone about it, and I knew she was getting divorced just by the sound of her voice. Don’t ask me how, I have no idea. Fe means I want to do right by everyone, so I’m a goody goody always trying to fix the world. Ti means I like to figure things out, but since it’s like my third [tertiary] function, it’s weak. I analyse things rather than taking them apart. And Se means I do enjoy physical sensations, a little, so I can be a little wild sometimes, though not very often. Find careers info here, look here to find out about your relationships, and here for personal growth tips.

INFP, means you are Fi Ne Si Te. You, my love, are very stubborn, and the most important person for you is you. It doesn’t matter what the world wants or needs, if it doesn’t sound right in your heart, you’re not doing it. Your Ne tames your stubborn streak, because it lets you know how other people are feeling just by looking at them, so you can decide how to respond to them. It makes you conflicted, because you know when you are hurting people, and have to choose between them and yourself. You react before you fully interpret things though, so you’re impulsive. The Si factor makes you long for ‘the good old days’ so you probably like old music and retro fashion. You try to relive your childhood, going back to the places you grew up and trying to settle there. Your Te means you can plan things out really well, if you feel like it, which isn’t very often. Career info here, and here is a tree for growth and some advice on matters of the heart.

INTJ, these are kina Miano and Shiko-Msa. Ni Te Si Fe. I have read that you don’t let people get close to you. That’s because you can read them, you know their intentions, and you know that, logically speaking, if you let them hurt you, they will. The INFJ up there knows this as well as you do, but the INFJ wouldn’t hurt a fly, so they let the fly give them diarrhoea. INTJ on the other hand stays safer than sorry. You organize your life in a tight, set schedule, and may no one get in your way, or else. If you decide lunch is at one, then lunch is at one, and any latecomers can starve. That’s the Te in you, and it’s also what makes you a rigid J. The Si factor makes you wary of new experiences, preferring the tried-and-tested approach to things, and the Fe strengthens this because you feel that keeping things as they should be makes life better for everyone. INTJ careers here, relationships here, and personal growth.

INTP, Shinskydadon, that’s you. Ti Ne Si Fe. You’re impulsive because you act before you have heard all the facts. But you do use the few facts you’ve gathered systematically. I read that when you do something, you can’t explain it except in bits and pieces. That’s because you reacted before you knew all the steps, and you used you Ne to interpret those few steps and to fill in the gaps. You can fix broken things, but you can’t tell us how. The Si makes you close to your family, since childhood comforts are important to you. The Fe makes you kind, you don’t want to hurt anyone, if you can help it. But you’re more absorbed in your little ‘fix it’ projects, so you sometimes forget everything and everyone else. Careers info, relationships, and some tips to help you grow.

ISFP, Mo, my teacher, you fall here. Fi Se Ni Te. Stubborn, self centred, it’s your way or the highway, now! Your Se makes you love the moment, so you’re one for instant gratification. Me, me, me, now, now, now. The perpetual toddler. And cute too, toddlers are that way. Ni gives you a deep understanding of people’s psyche, and you can usually tell what they are thinking or feeling, but you don’t focus on them for long – your Se-Fi combination makes you somewhat flighty. Te means when you choose to you can be very good at organizing things and getting them done. But you have to really want to, and there has to be something in it to appease your Fi. Careers here, relationships there, and some water for your tree.

ISFJ, you are Si Fe Ti Ne. You are conservative, old is gold, from music to food to hair to shoes. Ne-yo is annoying right from his name. Neo-soul is an oxymoron, and retro bugs you no end. You want the pure sanctity of ‘the original’. Fe makes you a goody goody, so want society to function the right way. You care about the world, and you try to get people back to their roots. Ti means you have an understanding of the inner workings of things, the constiutuent parts of objects, machines, functions. You can pick out individual instruments in a piece of music. And Ne means you can interpret symbols, though it’s a weak, minor characteristic. This is what you should do for money, here are keys to your heart, and here’s a ticket to green belt.

ISTJ, I believe this is you Feelme. Si Te Ni Fe. You’re into traditions as well, keeping things the way they were. But your Te makes you more pushy about it, more J, because you can arrange things just the way you want them. A bit of a control freak, that’s you, and opinionated. But reliable, people know they can count on you to deliver. Your Ni makes you insightful, and you surprise others – and yourself – with your occasional eureka moments. The Fe means that you do think about others, but as a last resort, it’s not high on your priority list. Logic is king, feelings are annoying, and have no place in judgements. Here’s your job site, a journal, and some flowers. Read the journal, I insist.

ISTP, unajijua. Ti Se Ni Fe. The Ti makes you come off as cold as unfeeling, because you function mostly on logic and distrust emotion. Also, because you love to take things apart and figure them out, you ignore ‘people’ and prefer to be with ‘things’ so you like gadgets, and you don’t need the manual. Your Se makes you spontaneous and sensory, so you like anything physically stimulating – sights, sounds, scents, textures. Ni means you have a level of gut instinct that you sometimes fall back to, and your Fe means you do think about people, and try not to hurt them. Job stuff here, look here for greens and emotional stuff hapa.

Now for the E’s…

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