At the school bus-stop this morning, I noticed that the sky looked rather ominous, so I made princess run back indoors and get her sweater. She usually carries it in her bag, just in case, but today is school-party day, so her bag is packed solid with junk food. No room for caution.

Five seconds after she came out it started drizzling, so I’m glad I made her get the sweater. Of course I had to go and get one as well. I picked an umbrella and my blue khanga and headed to work.

Two problems. One, the rain – which had now gone three degrees past drizzle – was the diagonal kind, so the umbrella did zero work. And I was walking ‘away’ from the rain, so my front stayed dry while my back got soaked through.

Problem number 2, my blue khanga, apparently, sheds colour. Now I know. I got to work to do the perfunctory mirror therapy to notice the back of my white skirt was now a sickening shade of blue. Oooookaaaaay.

Well there’s nothing for it but to turn the skirt so that the wet blue patches are on the front [sitting on it will turn the seats blue as well] and hope a sudsy soak will clear the stains. Coz I really like this skirt. It’s shortish and flirtish, and the only truly girly skirt that I own.

It was a birthday present from a boy I no longer like, but you don’t kick a gift-skirt in the hem, and it’s got such pretty embroidery :). It came with a gorgeous spanish-ish gypsy-ish top in burgundy-black, which is, again, the only truly girly top I own. I no longer like the boy, but I still adore his taste.

My pal W says I have a fetish for geeks. Guilty as charged. I’m going to marry me a geek with green eyes. Real green eyes, not the metaphoric kind. Contacts will do – except I like my geeks with glasses, so probably not. But geeks are smart – I’m sure he can find some way to fix the iris. Did I mention how much Big Bang Theory rocks? I didn’t? Well, Big Bang Theory totally rocks!! For real. Waaay funnier than the anti-commi-frigid HIMYM.

Anyway, yesterday one of my geeks introduced me to a shiny new toy. It’s nothing like Loco‘s Sir Shinesalot, but it’s a lot more fun. Thing is, I can’t figure out how to turn it off. Kaboro hun, where’s the sign out on google talk?

For more information on 3CB, click here.

3 thoughts on “Soaked blue

  1. Hehehehe, Sir Shinesalot salutes you!! Muhahaha!! I feel you on the rain, I absolutely love the rain, only when I’m safely tucked in my house and the electricity is working ;-D Getting caught off guard and trying come up with tie and dye theories to explain running colour on your skirt is a no-no!!

    oh thank heavens the stains come off, i adore that skirt!! and i even bought a girlie bag to match yesterday, it’s got pink flowers embroidered on the front. yay! My first truly girly handbag **clapping in delight**

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