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All men are…

Once again I am disillusioned with relationships. I just found out that a man I respect and admire greatly is, after all, just a man. Sigh. Said man has been married to my friend for ten years, and they have four beautiful babies, two boys and two girls. He lives in shags where he has […]

I need a pause button

I was a huge fan of Ally Mcbeal in the first two or three seasons. I sort of saw myself through her. Well, so did every girl in my high school, but of course I thought she was just so me! We had endless arguments of ‘I am the real Ally Mcbeal’. That’s what you […]


I was snooping around here, and … well … I guess I’m a little befuddled right now. So pardon incoherence, this is one of my self-seeking-clarity posts, it is allowed to not make any sense. It’s a**move along, nothing to see here** kinda thing. When I first read those posts, I was really irritated. I […]

The breakfast of champions?

In my house, I have this pretty little mirror. It’s round, with an ivory-coloured plastic frame, and it’s about 18 inches in diameter. I love to look at it [and in it], but I can’t really see very much. So each morning when I come to work, I pass by the bathroom to make sure […]

Bow down!!

This is an ode to my frenemy. [I sure hope she doesn’t read this … but just in case she does, no hard feelings hun. I got madd respect for you. Madddd!] Also, kahenya, my inspiration, [and JustDes, his inspiration] for teaching me to curse politely. Muchos gracias. So today I [re?]discovered that I’m not […]