Last week I hung out with some of my favourite people. I tried all flavours of Novida [Orange is annoying, apple is sweeet!! But I still say Malta Guiness rules], watched some hecklers in action [how I adore my friends!] … and got worms. Yes, worms.

Apparently, while I was busy walking around with my Diski Malaya, it picked up a few … things that it should not have. So now each time I plug it into my laptop, it starts neighing at me. I’ve had to delete some really tasty files just to get the noise to stop. And I have heard that Trojans and Worms cannot be deleted without formatting. Hmm…

Three posts later, I’m still spin-cycling Maino. Yay!! I found out at the salon that Princess likes it too. Apparently … well ok, here’s what happened. Princess closed school for Idd, so she went to get her hair done. Usually we go tandem, but I had work, so I went solo the next day.

My Maino song played on radio and I started singing along. Then Rashidi, our hairdresser, observed that Princess likes the song too, and that she dances each time it plays – which makes it hard to work on her hair. It gets lots of airplay here. Hehehe.

Note that it’s not my influence, I picked the song at work while she picked it at home, so I didn’t even know she’d heard of it. I guess we just have similar tastes. Of course Rashidi asked me what the song was about. I don’t know the words off-head, and I couldn’t think how to transdense [?] them, so I just said ‘Sijui, mambo ya ghetto-ghetto. Alikuwa jela akatoka jela, sasa anajibanza’.

A few mornings back I was singing it in the shower and I heard Princess singing along from outside said shower. Yeah, we both sing in the shower. It’s genetic apparently *grin* Mind you we don’t know the words, so what was heard was Nanananana Nanananana Woouu-oo-oo!

Anyway, back to my worms. I’m now running a full scan on my machine and hoping I didn’t spread an e-pidemic. On the upside, during the several hours it will take to clean e-house, I can sit here guilt-free, shut my eyes, bop my head and do nothing but listen. Yay!

Nananana Nananana Woouu-oo-oo!

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4 thoughts on “I love my life!

  1. I heard that song by Maina…sorry, Maino over the weekend for the first time. I didn’t like it, but all my friends do. Pole about the virusi. My beloved Cathy caught one last week and had to be formatted. Lost all my software.

    hehehe well, i don’t get Maxwell, so you’re forgiven 😉

  2. I know I should be knowing what a diski-malaya is, what is it ;D pretty please? I stopped reading at the point the laptop started neighing LOOOL!!

    heheh I heard it among the UDSM twiggets. Local slang for flash disk, allegedly 😉

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