So a good friend of mine is trying to introduce me to the classics. Or more specifically, to the gymnastic power of the classics. My dabbling is restricted to Vivaldi, SSQ and Water Music. The Messiah is good too, I sang those in school.

Also, I have difficulty listening to extended sessions of wordless music. It’s like meditation – the mind drifts. So while I enjoyed singing ‘All we like sheep’ and I adore the canon and Vivaldi’s 3-minute piece in A minor, it’s excruciatingly … well … excruciating, to have to listen to an entire Concerto. I mean an entire concerto! That’s like two hours of nothing but strings!

That said, my week has been spent fighting with torrents and skiving the inevitable *cough*cough*candy* that comes on the homepages … **shudder** … Which attests to the affection I have for my good friend The Introducer aka K6.

For days the file wouldn’t torrent. At first I thought it was blocked ports, but I realised it was blocked brains, specifically, mine:

You are about to start a torrent … *gibberish gibberish* … will continue to upload … **more gibberish ** … to other users … **pretty html text** … stop manually. Are you sure you want to do this?


Use default utorrent or Opera?


**blink blink**

For we the unitiated, when you’re starting a torrent, it is generally a good idea to use default utorrent, coz, you know, it has the word ‘torrent’ in it. And yes, it is blonde to stare at the resultant Opera download transfer page and wonder why it isn’t doing anything.

Long story short, I got my Rachmaninov. Piano Concert No. 3 in D Minor, op 30 – III Finale Alla Breve [3rd Movement] has some funky bits, notably the first two minutes, and similar motifs between minutes 3 and 5, 9 and 11, and somewhere around minute 13. Plus, I have to say, its last two minutes is some good baby-making music. Fast, racy, authentic buildup, the perfect soundtrack to *almost there* Me like.

The rest belongs in a TCM movie. Or maybe that’s where I heard it. Now generally, I like TCM movies, but music that belongs in a TCM movie, to me, is like a musical. I love music, I love dancers, I love movies. But I don’t like them together. I have major issues with people dancing when they should be walking, singing when they should be talking, and using words in the one place you’d rather hear melody. Like, say, in the shower.

Hence, I don’t much like opera except on CD or radio. Or on my PC. That goes double for Bollywood. Except for the Indian Fist Jig. Rules, exceptions, whatwhat.

Also, I totally dig Michael Nyman. Especially the 69 different versions of the piano theme [The promise, The sacrifice, sth to do with talking hearts … same motif, different expression]

Oh wait, I forgot the office part.

Well, I discovered Microsoft Office 2007. Preeeetty!

And Twiggy forgot to reinstate my password when the domain crashed, leaving me with missing t’s, crossed IPs, and a PC that can only log in as admin.

On the upside, I have partial admin privileges … mwehehehehe. And he even gave me permission, so yay!

And why are my neighbours listening to Carmen sounding like Miley Cyrus?!

For more information on 3CB, click here.

One thought on “Twighap number γ: At the office

  1. I see you’re quite familiar with Classical & stuff. I wouldn’t know Mozart from John Newton.

    studied the stuff in school. but it’s way more fun when there are no exams involved *wink*

    Speaking of, the one movie that drives me insane – and probably would you – is the High School Musical series. The mere sight, and sound, of all those teens singing and dancing every opportunity they get is so infuriating!

    i know!!

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