An ideal title for this post would be ‘new beginnings’. But I think that’s one of those redundant phrases like ‘repeat again’ or ‘latest innovation’ or even return back’. After all, one can’t have an old beginning, can they?

This is a beginning for me, a long endless field trip. I just got home after a stint ‘abroad’ [read Tanzania] and I am building a career doing what I love. It’s like a journey for me, but more than that, it’s an exploring of self. I’m looking inside me, beside me, around me, and I’m playfully noting the scenes. I’m making memories … and making money, which you admit, is a pretty fun way to spend the day.

This isn’t a solo trip. I have my daughter with me, and the man I love; my family, my business partners, my friends. I even have a tour bus complete with bunk beds and surround sound. It’s called the Internet, and it’s a pretty big bus. I have license to drive and lots of seat belts. You’re welcome to tag along. Who’s game?

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