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Hunting for ideas?

I did an odd thing today: I started a part time job. It’s not really part time, because it involves quite a lot of input, and consumes a sizeable chunk of my week. But I call it part time because they let me get off early so I can beat the school bus home. Plus, […]

Shoppaholics h[e]aven

I had a date at Java Adams tonight that didn’t quite work out, and my little black book failed me too. Since I had a free evening and a ‘paid’ babysitter, I didn’t want to waste my night out. So I decided to go shopping. There’s a market behind Java that’s called Toi. It’s an […]

Talk about a block!

I don’t get writer’s block very often. And I hardly ever get blogger’s block. But if there’s one thing that gets my creative juices freezing, it’s money. Which is not to say I wish to work for free – that’s just silly. They say your passion is something you would do even if no one […]

Baby steps

When I decided I wanted to freelance, I had no idea where to start. I left a well-paying job with a few months worth of savings, sold all my stuff, grabbed my baby girl and came home. I splurged on furniture, crockery, a TV, a microwave, and a sizeable modem. Then I broke down. I […]

Coming home

An ideal title for this post would be ‘new beginnings’. But I think that’s one of those redundant phrases like ‘repeat again’ or ‘latest innovation’ or even return back’. After all, one can’t have an old beginning, can they? This is a beginning for me, a long endless field trip. I just got home after […]