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Taking chances

I consider myself a feminist and a nice person. But … every once in a while … I think and say things that are sexist, malicious, and downright disrespectful. I’ve been accused of internalised misogyny when I disagree with the views of my fellow feminists, which is fairly often. I’ve also been called mean-spirited for enjoying the […]


Noun: The ‘too numb to do anything’ stage of an MDD cycle. Writing is my life. It literally keeps me breathing. So one of the first signs of a depressive cycle is when I can no longer write. It comes in bits and pieces, because I work at an ad agency, so I’m generally word-ing every […]

How to break up

Step 1: Shockingly discover you’re about to get dumped. Step 2: Pre-emptively change your profile photos. Step 3: Call your (soon-to-be-ex) love and confirm your hunch. Step 4: Get ridiculously drunk. Step 5: Tell everyone involved. You know, family, friends, wedding guests … Step 6: Exist in a lost zombie break-up haze. This part takes a […]


My blood runs cold with the pain of my broken heart. I drown myself in wool and soothing fabric… But still I feel  the chill. My skin peels with every sip of cocoa. I scratch it off with blame.   He used to call me his chocolate high. But now I’m low. The bean can’t […]

Love doesn’t take the blues away

There are different kinds of depression and the kind that I have shows up every few months. I mostly have it handled thanks to nine months of CBT, but it’s never really going to be gone. Coping mechanisms are a bit like a comprehensive tool kit. I can pull out whichever gadget I need and use it […]