I am a professional editor with four years experience at an international publishing house. I have worked on school textbooks, essays and term papers right from substantive editing to proofreading.

I have worked on books in both English and Swahili, magazines and journals, poetry, fiction, blogs, and spiritual materials. The tasks done can range from mild tweaking to complete reworking of the manuscripts.

Depending on the needs of my client, I can perform simple proofreading for structure and spelling; or a more intensive copy-editing, taking into account factors like structure, layout and style.


This is the final check of a piece of work before it is printed, published, or presented to a client. It involves spell checking, confirming that all the pages are numbered correctly, looking for consistency in fonts, colours and images, checking that the contents page, glossaries and indices are correct, seeing that art used is appropriate, and confirming ISBN numbers. Proofreading looks into all the little things to ensure that your document looks polished and professional.


This takes place once the document has been laid out. The copy-editor focuses on the appearance of the document. Things like arrangement of text, placement of illustrations, selection of font and style, structure of the content, titles, subtitles and the like are reviewed. the copy-editor also fact-checks the document for accuracy and errors in language.

Substantive editing

This involves taking a manuscript in it’s rawest form and dividing it into chapters or units, selecting a design and format, refining the outline of materials and turning it from scattered notes into an actual document. It is the most comprehensive form of editing.

Manuscript review

I will read your work, analyse it, and write a report suggesting ways to polish the work. Reviews come in two forms:

  • (a) Blue edit, which is a colour-coded in-text commentary that explains clearly how certain paragraphs, ideas, bits of dialogue or concepts could be improved. In this form of review, green means grammar, red means spelling, and blue means general comment.
  • (b) Straight edit, where I write general report to summarise my thoughts in an overview of the manuscript.

Content Management

If you’re running a website or an online business, you need to meticulously design the output of your content. As a Virtual Content Manager, I will sit with you and find out what you have in mind for your business. The average consultation takes two hours, and may be broken down into three sessions of 40 minutes each.

I will advise you on the kind of material your site needs and draw up a plan for how that material will be provided. The initial 2-hour consultation costs 3,000/=. Should you wish to retain my services, the cost is 12,000 per platform per month. Services include research, article writing, and/or blog writing.

Digital Strategy

If you’d like guidelines or a plan on how to take your business online, I’d be happy to take you through it. I will sit with you for up to three (3) sessions of 30 minutes each. During this time, I will find out the direction that you’d like your business to take. I will provide advice, recommendations, and produce a 12 page report that will advise you on the best digital approach for you. The cost of this process is 12,000/=.

My work is available both on and offline, and references are available on request.

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