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Noun: The ‘too numb to do anything’ stage of an MDD cycle. Writing is my life. It literally keeps me breathing. So one of the first signs of a depressive cycle is when I can no longer write. It comes in bits and pieces, because I work at an ad agency, so I’m generally word-ing every […]

The other side of suicide

The thing with clinical depression is it can be cyclic. You handle it, it comes back, you handle it again, it comes back again … it can seem never-ending. Sometimes you want to stop the constant fight and just give up. And that thought can be tempting. Some people do give up, and then they […]

F*ck your feelings

I love word-play, so – in my mind – that line *pointing* has six different meanings. Like, for example, Asshole. Demisexual. Masturbation. Eminem. Cocktail. Sex toy. For now, let’s focus on the most obvious definition – that (other people’s) feelings don’t matter. I know someone who thinks political correctness is stupid. In his opinion, if we […]

My semicolon tattoo

“Mummy, if you tell people you are in therapy, they will think you’re crazy.” Pause. “And I’m not saying you’re crazy. I’m just saying that if you tell people you’re in therapy, they will think your crazy.” Trouble is … sometimes I think I am crazy. Talking about depression is hard, but not for the reasons […]

Breathing in dark spaces

I was talking to a blogger once, and he said what he hates about blogging is the comments. Not that he hates comments in themselves – bloggers love comments. What he hates is the content of comments. Because sometimes, the comments tell you that your readers missed your point. They read, yes, they liked, yes, […]