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My semicolon tattoo

“Mummy, if you tell people you are in therapy, they will think you’re crazy.” Pause. “And I’m not saying you’re crazy. I’m just saying that if you tell people you’re in therapy, they will think your crazy.” Trouble is … sometimes I think I am crazy. Talking about depression is hard, but not for the reasons […]

Breathing in dark spaces

I was talking to a blogger once, and he said what he hates about blogging is the comments. Not that he hates comments in themselves – bloggers love comments. What he hates is the content of comments. Because sometimes, the comments tell you that your readers missed your point. They read, yes, they liked, yes, […]

Get over it!

I have this problem … I am … how you say … multidimensional. Not in the dictionary sense, but in the sense that I can see several different dimensions. And not in the quantum physics sense. To me, Quantum Physics is as intelligible as the theme song for Big Bang Theory. No, I don’t want you […]

Some unexpected help via Colleen Butters

“The feeling of being left out, the feeling that you’re a burden to the rest of the world,the feeling that you don’t deserve the happiness like others do, the feeling that makes you hate yourself everyday, the feeling that you should shoulder the burden all by yourself everyday to make others happy, the feeling when […]

Dance into the light…

I’ve written about depression lots of times, and have struggled with it as long as I can remember. I can’t find the exact spot where it started, not consciously. I’ve always been an introvert, and as a kid, once I started reading a good book, I wouldn’t stop until I was done. I had my […]