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Coloured sunglasses

This morning, I wrote a long letter that I’ve been meaning to write. It took me about five hours, and as I typed, I looked back over two years of my life. It was a bit like being in my own pensieve, except I didn’t notice the effect until after I was done. When I […]

Man, I feel like a man!!

Part 1: The Quest “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” “Something’s wrong.” “Nothing.” “I’m looking at your face and you’re miserable, so something is wrong.” “Nothing!” Part 2: The Guessing Games “Is it the black flask?” “Yes.” “You don’t like it?” “No.” “Why not?” “Nothing.” “Well you have to use it. You broke the two others ones and […]

Can PMS be banned from the office?

I had a 9.00 o’clock meeting today, and I didn’t want to be late, so I left the house at 7.00. I figured the rain would aggravate traffic, and since I needed two matatus, it was better to start early. By the time I got the message that the meeting was cancelled, I was at […]