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#Sense8 #Nairobi #NoSpoilers

To start with, I loved, loved, LOVED this show. I watched it all in one sitting, and as soon as I was done, I wanted to start all over again. Except I couldn’t because, you know, sleep. Secondly, I’m not going to talk about the content, the gorgeous soundtrack, or the visual beauty of the […]

Rapunzel reloaded

Some people stay alone because they like their own company, but there are some who do it when they don’t like other people’s. It’s kind if important to know the difference. When you visit a loner unexpectedly, they could either be glad for the surprise … or they could sic their dobermann on you. Princesses […]

Revisiting Inception and random twitter rants

I spent the day on back-to-school errands. My baby wouldn’t come with me [she prefers to sit home watching cartoons and stuff], so I rushed to town armed with colour preferences and her shoe size. Several hours later, I had sore arms, mad feet, and girly purple sundresses. Don’t ask. I needed to unwind, so […]

Only Marshall can make beauty out of violence

♫ Just gonna stand there and watch me burn ♫ ♫ That’s alright because I like the way it hurts ♫ ♫ Just gonna stand there and hear me cry ♫ ♫ That’s alright because I love the way you lie ♫ I bumped into this song in a very interesting way. I was having […]

Forty carats

I suppose I’ve always been a cougar. I remember having crushes on my little brother’s classmates, and that was years ago. In all fairness, the classmate in question was 5 feet tall, half German, and had  a name like a movie star. He was 7, and I was … not. I told a good friend […]