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Somebody threatened to rape my friend today. He did it in a private forum, one he thought no-one would ever see; he said it to his boy. He’s a nice guy – well, everyone thinks he’s a nice guy. And that’s the problem. Because as much as women are in danger from GSU officers and […]

This is how it works

I don’t get friendship, so I try not to make friends. It’s a tricky thing, because when I do find someone that I like, I don’t know what to do with them. At some point in primary school, I decided people sucked. It was around the fifth time I got dumped by a pal. I’d […]

Exposé on the Internet

  Us Kenyans on Twitter are a scary bunch. Long before the Trey Songz and Actual Expert sagas, there was some uproar on Twitter because @shikolaptop twitpicced @kaytrixx payslip. As a result, Kenyans on Twitter ganged up and turned #Shikolaptop into a trending topic. The wording was anything but friendly. Because I use Twitter Web […]

The science of getting drunk

I’ve always hated alcohol. Or rather, I’ve always hated the idea of alcohol. I grew up watching sensible people get daft with some booze in their system. I’m haunted by the image of two adults in a car arguing over the car keys. We’d left a party late at night, and both of them were […]

Revisiting Inception and random twitter rants

I spent the day on back-to-school errands. My baby wouldn’t come with me [she prefers to sit home watching cartoons and stuff], so I rushed to town armed with colour preferences and her shoe size. Several hours later, I had sore arms, mad feet, and girly purple sundresses. Don’t ask. I needed to unwind, so […]