I want a rich husband … not!

In a way, I envy women who use men to get what they want. Their lives just seem so … easy! And every once in a while, usually when salaries are late and bills are knocking, I wish I was one of those girls. I ask myself why I don’t just get myself a rich […]

Do what you love … or not

Or let’s look at it another way. If you could either go to work or enjoy your favourite hobby with a guarantee of no judgement or negative consequences on your decision, what would you choose? Because regardless of effusions, declarations and celebrity interviews, nobody loves their job that much. For most of us – if not […]

So apparently, guys prefer girls with long hair…

My mind-frame has had a theme for the past few months. You could say I’ve been pre-occupied with what people think and how their thoughts and opinions might (not) affect me. So somewhere in the midst of that, I bumped this article that says men hate women with short hair. Or rather, men hate short hair […]

Steps into the past

There’s an episode of 7th Heaven where Matt has a bit of an … episode … about girlfriends past. It happens on Valentines’ Day or something. He’s sitting there thinking about why he’s alone, so he ends up visiting all his exes to find out exactly why he broke up with them. I do that […]

Fashion advice for the wary

I had surgery a while back, which meant I couldn’t wear jeans. I’m not really girly person, but to avoid hurting my wound, I wore dresses and skirts for a week. And because I’m … well … me … I wore all my dresses with matching sneakers. I was aware it wasn’t very kosher, but […]

Learning to see greys in a world of black and white

Being an introvert is hard. You see, when you’re talking to people inside your head, conversations generally go the way you want them to. But when you talk to people in the real world, they say all the wrong things, and that can get really annoying. After a while, it seems easeir not to have […]