To feel or not to feel …

It’s not really a question. There are certain kinds of people who – based on their actions and MBTI – seem to have no feelings. Of course it’s entirely possible … maybe even probable … that they do have feelings and are just really good at hiding them. Or suppressing them. Or dismissing them. I’m not one […]

Panic in the banking hall

So last night, I got a statement for an an account I haven’t used in a while. It’s a savings account with no levy fees … or so I thought. But after the statement claiming I had accrued fees and penalties and shit, I started to worry about all my other ‘dormant’ accounts. I spent […]

So this is 35 …

Also, what overthinking is really like. So sad. So true. Yeah. So at some point in the past week, I turned 35. Wow. How do I feel? Well, old. I can see some worry lines on my forehead … and thinking about them only causes more worry lines. I remember looking at the creases on […]

Todhiye. Or something like that.

I was once told that I have no staying power. That when things stop working for me, I leave. My response? Duh. Why am I holding on to something that isn’t working? Well, a lot of people do, apparently. They stay in impossible situations because of duty, or virtue, or fear of letting go. Of […]

Taking chances

I consider myself a feminist and a nice person. But … every once in a while … I think and say things that are sexist, malicious, and downright disrespectful. I’ve been accused of internalised misogyny when I disagree with the views of my fellow feminists, which is fairly often. I’ve also been called mean-spirited for enjoying the […]