I have been writing since age twelve, and my work has ranged from overly-imaginative compositions to puerile love poems. What started as a childhood hobby has grown to a passion, and I am gifted to earn a living from this passion. You could scroll down to a summary of the services I provide, or check out my rates. But if you’re still not sure I can resolve your writing problems, here’s a little more about what I can do for you.

I write in many different genres, and I write as much for profit as for pleasure. I write all forms of poetry, from basic children’s rhymes to evocative love ballads. And I sing too. I provide topical poetry on themes of your choice, and can produce as effectively on political or environmental matters as I can on sentimental ones. Samples of my work are available on the blog page here.

I also write various kinds of prose. I write human interest articles on topics ranging from social commentary to beauty and technology. Samples of my articles are available here and here. I have written a novel, several short stories, as well as work for TV, radio, film, and theatre. I am able to write using a guided model, when given a title or theme, and my editorial experience allows me to refine the material to suit a client’s needs, be it length, format, tone, register or style.

When it comes to ideas, many brilliant minds can produce them, but may have trouble conveying them. This is where I come in. Just as the purest ore requires a miner to extract the metal, and an artisan to refine it to the finest shine, a good idea needs a writer to pen it, and and editor to polish it’s sheen.

I am both.

Whether it’s a cover letter, a surveillance report, a stack of statistics, or a case study, I will arrange your concepts into the finest words and make it pure poetry; without the rhyme of course, that would be silly.

One of the most annoying things about trailers is that they use all the good footage that doesn’t appear in the film. And many critiques completely ruin the story for you by hopelessly unfurling the twist.

Have you heard about an intriguing title and would like a little trailer – without a spoiler? I enjoy the arts, and will give you my take on everything from TV programmes to banks and supermarkets. Are you opening a new ¬†entertainment spot, launching a production, revamping or rebranding? Let me spread the word. Are you new to the blogoverse? Show me yours and I’ll show … well … everyone else. And I’ll make it fun too.

Art, like cooking, comes in different forms and spices, and sometimes they can be melded into one. Popcorn is fun, and caramel delights, but caramel popcorn is pure heaven. But first, someone had to think to dip the caramel in popcorn – or vice versa.

Do you have a book you’d like turned into a film? Did you write a poem that seemed too long for verse? Would you like your screenplay turned into a novel. Give me your work and I will mould it into the shape you require. Academic prose can be turned into a magazine article, an emotional lover’s rant can be refined to a thesis on social interaction, a how-to guide can become a complete recipe. All you have to do is let my fingers do your working while your thoughts get all the glory [as well as the byline]. Easy peasy. It’s just like writing with a ghost. Below is a summary of my services. I hope you will be pleased, if not intrigued with the work on offer.

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