My poetic mantra is simple: I write good verse when I am stressed, depressed, or in love. I write best when I am all three. Ocassionally, I write when I am happy, but it’s not really the same.

I look down at the pond:

The gentle ripples fake a choppy sea.

I look to the heavens:

The pond’s pain reflected.

Which image is real?

My mind swims to find an answer

To save my drowning soul.


In the waters I see

Eyes, life

Dreams reflecting stars.

I do have a powerful imagination, so upon request, I can simulate these three emotions and produce intense, ethereal verse.  All it takes is a whiff of his cologne, a strum from that guitar, or the tale of how you met him or her. Write your feelings down in ways they will cherish forever. The words may be mine, but the thoughts are all yours.

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