Those good men do exist

And they’re not all married, gay, or catholic. I know because I’ve recently found one. On a dating site. Though to be fair, it was him who found me so I really shouldn’t take any credit. Either way, I’m feeling very pleased with myself.  *cheeky grin*

I wanted to put a lot of thought into this post, and come up with something deep and comprehensive. Something about people in relationships, and how annoying they can be, claiming there’s someone for everyone, dishing out advice and platitudes.

It comes when you least expect it.

Sit back and let love find you.

Men don’t like it when you chase them.

Of course they can say things like that, because they’ve already found their someone. But like Chris Martin says, life is a drink, love is a drug. And right now, it’s a sunny Friday and I am definitely feeling drunk and high. So. I shall start again when I feel a little calmer and a lot less giddy. For now, shout out to my very own ray of sunshine.

Safety Helmet (Hard Hat)


It’s a miracle couples find each other at all. All those random men and women you meet on the street,one of them could be your missing rib. And even if they were, how would you know? I wish I had a secret formula. Something I could put in a bottle and sell for millions. Until then, I’ll just thank the stars and the deities of the internet. And in the absence of a magic potion or a formula, do like Samantha Mumba says …

♫ To all the good men who are out there ♫

♫ All the single ladies wanna know where ♫

♫ So put your hands up in the air ♫

♫ And say, ‘I’m right here’ ♫

♫ Bloodstream ♫ Ed Sheeran ♫

Boys, Skirts, and Olivia Pope


Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope
Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope

I bumped into an article this week. It was an interview with Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope in Scandal. She says attending an all girls’ school helped her shift her focus from looks. She feels the lack of boys helped her pursue other aspects of her personality. I’ve heard the comment before, but I’m not sure I agree.

I attended an all-girl high school, and my experience was the exact opposite. I feel that we became a lot more competitive. We were all smart girls, so looks became the only way we could one-up each other, especially as it was a catholic school, so no make-up, no jewellery, no fancy hairstyles, no flattering uniforms … in fact, the only way to wear anything remotely sexy or feminine was to join the hockey team, and the hockey team had the biggest tomboys in school!

Normal skirt 1
Normal skirt
Hockey skirt 2
Hockey skirt

Olivia Pope is one of the sexiest women on TV right now, so it was interesting to hear her talk about teenage insecurities. Growing up, she felt ‘what was on the oustide can’t really compete with other people.’ She focussed on being the smart girl because she felt she wasn’t the pretty girl.

I get that. I always knew I was smart, and for the longest time, I felt I wasn’t pretty so I put all my energy into the one thing I was good at – my mind. As I’ve gotten older (and spent a year in therapy), I’ve started to feel pretty. Ironically, I’ve also bumped into boys from childhood who said they always thought I was pretty, but I was so smart (and quick-tempered) that they were sure I’d hurt them if they hit on me…

From StraightWhiteBoysTexting.Com

The space I’m in now is the space Olivia Pope is in. I don’t mean the space of sleeping with green-eyed spies and white presidents. I mean the space of knowing that I’m smart and beautiful. It doesn’t really solve life’s problems – like feeling ugly during shark week, or finding a guy that likes my peculiar package, but it’s definitely an awesome feeling, and a lovely space to be in. I’m raising my daughter to revel in that space, because every little (and not-so-little) girl deserves to feel this confident.

♫ You set me free ♫ Michelle Bramch ♫