♫ It’s friday night, got visions in my head
♫ But nothin’ on mind, so let the music play
♫ So let me hear you say ♫

For the longest time, this was my perfect party song. Not that I can have a party song since I’m not really a party girl. I’ve only been to the rave once in my life. At age 28. With bloggers. I hated it. And I sometimes always carry novels to parties. My perfect Friday night involves books, series, ice cream, blankets, loud music, cartoons, warm feet, cookies, and my baby girl. Still, if I were to have a Friday song, this would be it.

♫ Manicure, pedicure, so we look tight
♫ And there’s just enough money for the night out ♫
♫ So now it’s time we go hop up in the 6-4
♫ Drop top down headed for the disco
♫ Maybe we might catch some guys eyes
♫ If we don’t, we don’t care, cuz we still
♫ Gonna have a good time ♫

It’s a pretty old song – late nineties I think, when I was in high school. (Actually. Google says it’s 2002. Interesting.) Which explains why I never learned the words. I had it on a mix-tape, between ♫ Why don’t you and I ♫ by Chad Croeger and Santanna, and ♫ Video ♫ by India Arie. Today, in a spate of nostalgia, I dug it up on YouTube, to help me get into the Friday spirit. We’re having one of our office meetings, which often involve tequila, red bras, powerpoint, and people taking their pants off. Just another day at the Agency. Sigh.

♫ We pull up in the valet
♫ We turning heads like a Hummer on the freeway
♫ We grace threw crowd eyes on us
♫ People st-st-stutterin’ sayin’ hey who are they
♫ Wall to wall, back to back packed so tight
♫ But VIP is where is where we kick it for the whole night
♫ I be watching these guys peeping us out
♫ But they faking, and they scared We don’t care
♫ we gonna have a good time ♫

Thing is – listening to my Friday song, I realise how ridiculous the lyrics are. They have some pretty bad rhyme schemes too. And the spelling – what! Still, it had a sexy naughty video and a good dance beat, so just like I did in ’99 … um … 2002 … I’ll bop along and sing the words I know. Enjoy your Friday night people, and play safe.

♫ No matta what (Party all night) ♫ Toya ♫


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