Attack of the roaches, volume 2

I don’t know what it is with me and mendes. It’s like they got this roachiversal memo about my phobia, so they attack me every chance they get.

I was lying on my bed, minding my business, not bothering anybody. I had just let my dreads down. They’ve been tied up [by my hairdresser] in some elaborate pony for a while [to stay neater longer], and they were itching like crazy. So when I felt a tickle on my forehead, I ignored it. Figured it was some loose dreads dancing in the breeze.

I lengad three more tickles before it hit me that I hadn’t checked on princess in a while, and that she was being mischieviously quiet. I got up to go peek, and found her at the door, hovering over me. She has this mummy-radar that makes her get up three seconds before I bust her. I still don’t know what she was up to.

Sated, I lay back down for my siesta and found…

…just above my pillow was the biggest, ugliest cockroach I’ve ever seen…today. [In dar, they’re all big and ugly!!] It was a weird roach, it didn’t pull a Marion Jones like they usually do, it just stood there waving at me. In that instant I realised what the hair-breeze tickle was, and I can only say my bed turned trampoline – the way I jumped!! Let out some kind of silly yelp as well, such a woosy sound. It wasn’t a diva screech or a war cry, just some strange confusing squelch. **smhw**

The lazy roach lay right there while I dashed around the house to find insecticide and slippers. It didn’t even resist when I smished it, just sort of disintegrated under the shoe and dropped to the ground in several leafy pieces.

Man I hate roaches!!

Yesterday I was watching an episode of ER season 5, and I shuddered when Carter had to get a mende that had walked into some chick’s ear, and today, a sleepy roach just happens to be hanging out near my pillow?!

I still say the nasty things are devil seeds. Some kind of backfired butterfly clone or something. And I am very grateful that my ever-faithful J used my mischief-silent daughter to get that six-legged demon out of my hair. Now if only I could learn to trust him more, and stop sweating the small [and not-so-small] stuff…

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