Baby steps

When I decided I wanted to freelance, I had no idea where to start. I left a well-paying job with a few months worth of savings, sold all my stuff, grabbed my baby girl and came home. I splurged on furniture, crockery, a TV, a microwave, and a sizeable modem.

Then I broke down. I mean, what next?

Enter Kelvin who I bumped into on twitter. We had been talking for a while, and I figured he’d be a good start. He was. With his help, we figured the first step was to set up a website.

I didn’t think I’d ever have a website, because it seemed, you know, vain. But then again, in some senses, so is a name. People call me Crystal, because that’s who I am. In some ways, website is just  a different name, a form of identity. It helps people know who you are.

The next step was to find someone to set up the site for me. These guys not only got me started, they did – and still are – taking me through the process step by step.  Which is good when you’re the queen of technobofia and can’t tell your pixels from your bits and bytes.

And I still think TB is a silly abbreviation and terrabytes should really be called tetrabytes. It just sounds better.

So anyway, now that I am toddling along, I need to find a good pair of shoes. Preferably colour-coded khaki sneaks.

Let the games begin.

Coming home

An ideal title for this post would be ‘new beginnings’. But I think that’s one of those redundant phrases like ‘repeat again’ or ‘latest innovation’ or even return back’. After all, one can’t have an old beginning, can they?

This is a beginning for me, a long endless field trip. I just got home after a stint ‘abroad’ [read Tanzania] and I am building a career doing what I love. It’s like a journey for me, but more than that, it’s an exploring of self. I’m looking inside me, beside me, around me, and I’m playfully noting the scenes. I’m making memories … and making money, which you admit, is a pretty fun way to spend the day.

This isn’t a solo trip. I have my daughter with me, and the man I love; my family, my business partners, my friends. I even have a tour bus complete with bunk beds and surround sound. It’s called the Internet, and it’s a pretty big bus. I have license to drive and lots of seat belts. You’re welcome to tag along. Who’s game?