Mind over common sense … or something like that

I was talking to a good friend yesterday, and I told him my actions are different from my words. I’ve done so many posts about the stupid things girls do in relationships – mostly because I do all those stupid things myself. It’s very easy to say what you shouldn’t do. It’s far less easy to actually not do it.

Some people say those who can do, and those who can’t, teach. That’s probably why women who write romance stories are multiply divorced, though it could also be because they’re looking for a Prince Charming who may not exist.

I told my friend the dichotomy was all in my mind. I’m a fairly smart person, so I can analyse and synthesize perfectly sound solutions. And because I’m a writer, I can express them in terms so clear it’s almost magic. But then I turn right around and follow my heart. I can write down all the reasons why I shouldn’t stalk his ex, and then I’ll go on facebook and check her latest upsate. Sad really.

My friend had an interesting response to my confession. He said, ‘You’re just being yourself, and that’s perfectly fine.’ They’re magical words those, and they made me smile. His words often make me smile. Sometimes when I’m demon-fighting, I’ll hear his words in my head and they’ll sharpen my sword and set me straight again. We should all have friends like that.

A tweet I read this morning re-inforced the idea, reminding me why I so love Sometimes, cute is a complimenttwitter. I don’t if I’ll ever get back to 100 tweets a day, but it does feel good to be Birdie again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t judge me by my words. I may sound all smart and sensible, but that’s really just grey matter, and when it comes down to it, I rarely listen to the little guys up there.

So what should you judge me by? Beats me. In an ideal world, nobody would judge at all. Words spoken by the little grey girls, because I’m the most judgemental person I know. I even make judgements on Manga.

If we all listened to the grey guys, we’d be a lot better off. But then again, we’d probably be sterile solar robots that reproduce by Petri dish.

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