Pretty pictures

I haven’t been here in a while 🙁 Not cool. But I was looking for some pictures, so I keyed ‘frustrated’ into Google Images, and I was surprised at how many pictures I got of people fighting with computers.

She looks like she just saw something really … sad … on facebook. Probably on her boyfriend’s wall. Tsk tsk.

I’m not all that good with computers. They tend to do weird things to me, like stop working when I’m all alone then miraculously wake up when the fundi gets here. A fundi is a repair guy, a handyman. He can fix anything. But when you’re constantly calling him and the problem evaporates every time he walks in, then the boy might start thinking you have hidden agendas. Try convincing a boy who thinks that you want him that you actually don’t want him. Really. Try it.

How about when you’re on a deadline … or five … and your pretty computer decides she’s now going to talk in French.

“Please boot. Press F1 to continue, F2 to jump out of the window, and F3 to s****w yourself. Whatever you press, I will blink at you, batt my eyelashes and shut down. Goodbye.”

Sometimes your machine goes off for no apparent reason. No warning, no blinking, no loud alarms, flashing lights, or fishy smells. It just … goes … off. Until the fundi takes it away to his studio. Then it miraculously comes back on. You pay the fee, grit your teeth, see the test, take the baby home. And then … it does it again.

My baby gave me a new nickname today. She calls me working head. She says I used to be sleepy head, but now she goes to bed and wakes up to find me still at the computer. What am I doing? Working. And google imaging , and watching = 3 videos, and chatting, and tweeting, and facebooking, and skyping, and torrenting. Mostly, working.

No, I didn’t really have much to say. I just missed my blog. It’s been so long since I hung out here. And I wanted an excuse to use all those pretty pictures I found. Apparently, computers are very frustrating. But they can be cool too. Because if you turn off the webcam and pluck out the microphone, then you can yell at your bosses and not be fired. Yay!

Okie, I’m out of pictures now, so I need to get back to work. I have four articles on balcony fixtures to finish before I sleep. Then tomorrow it’s up for an early morning meeting. I hope it’s as warm as it was today. I close with a tribute to Princess, the real reason I have eyebags. You’re the best kid, and all that I do is for you. Except the X6. That baby is ** Maaaaaiiiiii Precioooouuuusssss**