Helloooooo Malibu!

Her name is Malibu Barbie, by the way. Just so you know.

There are moments in my life when I need to go out and get drunk. The moments started in my teens, and generally coincide with PMS.

Initially, it came with ovulation, and was signalled by a sudden thirst for sugar, chocolate, and … other things. With time, the craving grew to include Baileys. It’s not so much of a jump, since Baileys is chocolate-flavoured alcohol. Lately though, my love of Baileys has reduced. It’s made with cream, which kills my lactose allergy. It still tastes really, really good though … if I can ignore the cramps that come after.

A friend suggested I try Malibu Rum, but schools are open and I’ll have to wait a bit. I thought I’d do some Googling instead, and noticed that the bottle isn’t nearly as pretty as Baileys.

Also, the fruit flavoured versions look juice-like, and the standard drink is clear. It smells like coconut, which might be good for camouflage, but somehow, I don’t see the kick in a drink that looks like water.

As opposed, of course, to a drink that looks like tea. Shut up.

I don’t think I’ll get that Malibu. I might settle for chocolate though. Sometimes a girl just needs a sugar high. That, and to sit in the dark with her eyes closed and her music loud.

Bells of freedom Bon Jovi