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Revisiting Inception and random twitter rants

I spent the day on back-to-school errands. My baby wouldn’t come with me [she prefers to sit home watching cartoons and stuff], so I rushed to town armed with colour preferences and her shoe size. Several hours later, I had sore arms, mad feet, and girly purple sundresses. Don’t ask. I needed to unwind, so […]

Forty carats

I suppose I’ve always been a cougar. I remember having crushes on my little brother’s classmates, and that was years ago. In all fairness, the classmate in question was 5 feet tall, half German, and had  a name like a movie star. He was 7, and I was … not. I told a good friend […]

The Boondock Saints

Screenplay: Troy Duffy Director: Troy Duffy Producer: Brood Syndicate Music: Jeff Danna DOP: Adam Kane Editor: Bill DeRonde First Ass. Director: John Rainey Starring: Will Defoe, Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus, David Della Rocco [and a white guy named Bob Marley] Franchise films, 1999 I’m sure you’ve heard of Boondocks, the animated series that, well, […]