I spent the day on back-to-school errands. My baby wouldn’t come with me [she prefers to sit home watching cartoons and stuff], so I rushed to town armed with colour preferences and her shoe size. Several hours later, I had sore arms, mad feet, and girly purple sundresses.

Don’t ask.

I needed to unwind, so after losing the battle craving for cold milk, I decided to re-watch Inception. I watched it a while back and didn’t think that much of it, but I figured a clearer copy would help. It didn’t.

I did watch the first 15 minutes – the ones that were missing from my CAM copy. Turns out it was closer to 5, so I hadn’t really missed much. I had a clearer understanding of the mad maths, I maintain that the Indian dude is hot, and the gravity fight scenes were still awesome. I liked the warm, fuzzy portions at the end – they made me smile. And I love the music score. Other than that, I’m indifferent to the movie. It didn’t mess with my mind or make me question reality. To me, the whole thing was just plain silly.

I noticed one thing that I missed the first time. I noticed that the top keeps spinning in the end. I know that’s supposed to boggle my mind and make me wonder if he was really dreaming. It’s supposed to give credence to the thread on the DR post.

But I just found it annoying. I mean, the top was clearly wobbling, and if the cameraman hadn’t cut the shot and gone off to get coffee, it would have tipped over. So it didn’t make me ask if it was all a dream. Instead, it made me think of those annoying horror films where the last scene always leaves you humming ‘dun dun dun duuuuuuuun’ *dramatic cut scene and convenient excuse for a sequel*

You know, like when the hero is kissing the lady he just rescued, and in the background, a zombie hand shoots out of the grave … just before the credits roll? Like that.

Moving on.

I like to link tweets to blogs. It’s fun. It leaves a paper trail of sorts, like a cyber jigsaw, and I like jigsaws. So when New Twitter started hiding time stamps, I got a little annoyed.

Actually, I got a lot annoyed.

I always liked New Twitter. It has some really awesome features, and it’s pretty too. I hate that it doesn’t show where you’re tweeting from. Web vs Gravity is a sneaky way of finding out where somebody is sitting. But the feature that says *3 minutes ago* or *1 hour ago* is what helps you pin down a tweet. You click on that section and the individual tweet fills the screen. That way, you can link to it specifically, rather than zoning an entire timeline.

Meh. Sometimes I wonder if I make sense to anyone but me. Or maybe I just need milk.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Inception and random twitter rants

  1. I am pulling down my other blog (so much stupid blogs over there and I hate that platform…I think it’s so 2000 and late) and starting a near-fresh one on WordPress. That’s the problem with me. I set my stakes too high and when I settle on “just high enough” I go on and push them even higher. And then I feel really bad, mood swings and all that. And I am a guy. A straight guy who loves writing. Do you ever feel like that? Like the entire universe is falling apart under your feet? But as I pull down the other blog I am one happy dude because I have something bloggingly* interesting to keep me going. And that’s your blog. Back to the topic at hand. I did like the movie INCEPTION. I don’t know why or how but I just did, and it has nothing to do with my liking (I won’t say love) for Leonardo or fictitious films or movies that run for almost 3 hours. I have been doing this Freelance Writing thing for a while now and I have this sudden urge to inflate my Payoneer financial statements just because it is 2011. Care to share tips? Maybe you can guest blog on my fresh-press about Freelance writing career tips when you get some time (something freelance writers don’t have). I would pay for your efforts but I need to make the dough first (cheeky grin). So maybe you can simply help. Oh and yes, you make sense to me sometimes. Sometimes. Nice post by the way.

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