One of my favourite wordpress features is ‘searches used to find this blog’. I’m pretty sure some are tailored specifically for my amusement. I mean why would anyone go onto google and type ‘crystal otero is really really weird’. I shall die for laugh.

Well lately, the humours have been getting kworo airtime [do you still doubt my age?]. First, the origin. I once took a course called Psych 101 where among other things, we had to cram the book of Jude. I’m not sure why. We were also introduced to Freud and the Greek humours.

Apparently, the ancient Greeks believed there were four basic types of people : Cholerics, Sanguines, Phlegmatics and Melancholics. These are somehow – I’m not quite sure how – related to the four bodily fluids – bile, blood, lymph and phlegm. Not necessarily in that order. I can’t quite remember the order – or the significance, but never mind.

So anyway, the average person is made up of a combination of two or more of those temperaments, and their combination influences how they react to things and why they do what they do. There’s a pretty good series on that by Tim and Bev Lahaye, though it has a biblical leaning.

Each temperament has it’s own trademarks. For example, cholerics are bullies, sanguines are flirts, melancholics are depressive and phlegmatics are nice. Most people have 70% of one temperament and 30% of another. The 70% is the primary temperament, while the 30% is secondary. Of course percentages vary. Some people have 60-40 or 80-20 or 50-50. Some even have 30-30-30. So your temperament combination is a template for who you are, kind of skeleton that anchors your nature.

It’s pretty handy to identify what your temperament is. It’ll help you understand yourself better. Plus it can almost be a weapon when you know how to use you plus points on others.

So here’s a kasmall test I snagged off Mavuno Church crowd. What you do is look at the lists of qualities, and tick all the ones that describe you. The column with the most ticks is your primary temperament, and the second-most is your secondary temperament.


Self confident ___

Decisive ___

Goal Oriented ___

Outspoken ___

Bossy & Controlling ___

Impatient ___

Argumentative ___

Manipulative ___

Total ___


Deep and purposeful ___

Sensitive to others ___

Talented & Creative ___

Very Analytical ___

Orderly & Scheduled ___

Moody & Negative ___

Socially Insecure ___

Easily depressed ___

Total ___


Fun loving & playful ___

Very optimistic ___

Animated & lively ___

Very spontaneous ___

Undisciplined ___

Forgetful ___

Extremely talkative ___

Eager for credit ___

Total ___


Easy-going ___

Calm & relaxed ___

Patient & Inoffensive ___

Quiet yet witty ___

Unenthusiastic ___

Eager to rest ___

Indecisive ___

Not easily motivated ___

Total ___

So, according to your scores, you are a combination of two letters, or maybe three. I scored 8/8 for column B and 7/8 for column A. Now look at the table below and match the letters to the humours.


Main Characteristic

Leadership Style

Dark Side




The worker





The thinker





The talker





The mediator


Okay. So now you know what your types are. Or at least you have a rough idea. Now let’s test your skin. Let’s see if you can laugh at yourself…it’s cheap, healthy, and you’ll live longer. Now where to start…hee hex and smelling socks…who won?

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