Especially Google Reader.

So apparently, Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive.


Amen to that. The boy is hot! I have adored him right from the days of 21 Jumpstreet. Apparently, he has crossover appeal and is loved by women of all ages.

Again, amen to that.

Previous double winners include Richard Gere [yum!] and George Clooney [he made it hot to be short] .

Also, Brad Pitt. Hmph. Sorry Ms Jolie, but I just don’t get his appeal. He so does not do it for me. Colin Farrel on the other hand, yum!

I have some love for the brothers as well … Denzel and Will Smith are never off my list. And Mohinder The Pretty [from Heroes], not forgetting the gorgeous Arab guy on Lost, I forget his name. And Dean from season 1 of Gilmore girls, before his hair went bad. I think his name is Paldecki.

I’m pretty sure there are some boys out there who can give these ones a run for their money *cough*cough*K3* but since they are not on TV, we will never really know.


Beauty, apparently, is in the eye of the beholder. I have heard it said that’s just a prize for the unpretty, and I have to agree. Coz think about it. We are all forever harping about different strokes for different folks and gunk like that, yet we can’t deny that Halle Berry is hot and Megan Fox is a goddess.

Now I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed. I always thought I had unique taste. But that my yummiest stars are universally accepted as yummy stars, well, that makes me just like everyone else! The horror!

Oh well. At least I still have [my disliking for] Brad Pitt.


Harlequin have a division for self-publishing and Mills and Boons are finally marketting African beauty. Seriously.

Also, zombie romance, the Nook, and fear of body parts falling off during coitus. Not forgetting Evil Editor. Oh, and a really cool writer whose book I haven’t read. I will buy it though.

This is how I use 2GB of bandwidth in a month. **cheeky grin**


Why is it, I wonder, that indigenous Africans didn’t consider nipples erotic? I mean  I know they were thought to have little use beyond feeding babies, but seriously, it’s like the most sensitive part of a woman’s [and, I hear, even a man’s] body. More reactive even than lollipops and joysticks. How did our forefathers not know this?

Perhaps because said tips were exposed and alert all the time, it was hard to notice the potential for horizontal triggering. Which is just a shame if you ask me. They probably didn’t realise that sometimes, these organic baby bottles were not at full attention. I mean seriously, did no eight-packed, animal-oiled bare-chested beauty notice that when he walked past, all the nearby ladies’ elements pulled a double salute? Really?

But then again, many indigenous African societies liked to mutilate joysticks to prevent, you know, so perhaps they simply chose to ignore said pleasure spots. And since women were mainly for making babies, then stimulating certain zones would only produce baby food, which is hardly the most evocative of images. Interesting thought that.

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3 thoughts on “I love the internet!

  1. Jessica Alba (Yum)
    Interesting thesis you have on the eroticism of nipples. I can’t answer that question since modernity has starved us of the sights you have so abundantly illustrated 🙂

    hahahaha I wonder if nudists have [more] problems with PAS – perpetual Arousal Syndrome [than regular people]. D’you think they get used to it after a while?

  2. Zombie romance? How now? And to make you feel even more ordinary, I concur on Brad Pitt. On the last part, I think they did consider niples and breasts erotic, I think I read a couple of African authors who painted vivid pictures 🙂

    yeah, me too, but I always figured that was western influence, seeing as they were writing after being in western schools. I figure many traditional Africans only wore loin cloths, to hide the ‘really private’ parts, so since …milk containers were largely left … aired, they can’t have been considered worth … hiding?

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