At some point in the recent past, I embraced change. I realised that I was shifting – both subtly and not so subtly – and figured my life would be way easier if I simply accepted the morph rather than fighting it. Yeah, still working on that…


I’ve been thinking a lot of random thoughts lately, and writing a lot of random posts. I’m not entirely sure what’s causing that. I think it’s that I am – on some level – more relaxed now that I’m home, so my mind is free to wander in areas that are less than serious. I’ve actually made it my default category. Fun!


I’m a firm believer in signs. My latest sign is a red plastic Olivetti Valentine Typewriter. I don’t suppose anyone has an affordable, functional one lying around anywhere, do they? According to my google search, they’re ‘light as a feather’ and absolutely gorgeous. Red too. I don’t know how well they work though – I need one that can do a lot more than just sit pretty.


I’m the kind of girl that has more male than female friends. I like to think it’s because I’m not a girly-girl, but as my cousin pointed out,  I claim to dislike flowery things yet everything I bought for my new flat [from square plates to duvets] has flowers. Mild ‘mannish’ flowers, yes, but still flowers.

Truth is, I mostly find girls a little scary. I have no idea why. Lately though, I’ve [re]made friends with some females that are less … spooky. They’re actually a lot of fun. So I guess ‘they’ are right, it really is all about finding the right girl.


I’m straight. What.


The thing about having mostly male friends is that, well, the women in their lives sometimes have, you know, issues. I’m still finding a way to deal with that. I’m also desperately hoping that the tables will not turn. I dread the day when I will be the one that has issues with my Sailor Boy’s female friends.

I’d like to think that being a career pal to dudes with quasi-jealous girlfriends, I will be more reasonable. But being a more-than-quasi-jealous-type girl myself, I will be content to seethe in almost-silence and keep my claws well sheathed *cheeky grin*


It’s equally interesting to me that while I have many ‘platonic’ friendships with my buddies,  it is still somewhat strange to think of it in others. I hear my brothers and cousins talking about their ‘just buddies’ and I’m like ‘yeah, right’. Pot calling the kettle black?

Though, technically speaking, my water pot is red…


Homework calls.

Breathe (2 a.m.)Anna Nalick

One thought on “Strangelings

  1. Cool post! In fact, the platonic friendship discussion on here inspired a post of my own.

    off to take a look

    Strict platonic relationships are impossible. If, you’re not the one habouring non-platonic thoughts about him, it’s him about you. The other party never knows about it. Unless s/he suggests it, either directly or indirectly. After the whole Uni experience, I had come to believe that men had a greater propensity to cross the line with a platonic female friend than vice-versa. But now, I think its about 50/50: it could be her or it could be me. In fact, even if you’re not in the same country, it still happens.. emails, fb, twitter, skype.. it happens. Lines get crossed not as a rule of thumb per se, but because we’re human and we cant help but think those thoughts, regardless of whether we want to act on them or not. And what are these thoughts, exactly? Let’s just say they are the thoughts you wouldnt have about your brothers or your cousins. So trust me, you wont be the only one getting quasi-jealous of Sailor Boy’s female friends. Most likely he will be equally jealous of you and your male friends too.
    The jealousy arises simply because of that possibility i.e. that lines might get crossed. We can sit here and argue about the degree of that possibility but it still remains a possibility. A REAL possibility.

    I did a whole series on this a while back, four or five posts all about the so-called platonic friendship and its consequences. I started out thinking the platonic thing was impossible, and ended up admitting that it’s TECHNICALLY platonic, just as long as you don’t act [horizontally] on said thoughts. After all, you can’t control a person’s mind right? I can’t seem to find the posts though – must’ve deleted them once upon a tantrum *grin*

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