I wonder where these words go when I speak…

I think of you, of sitting quietly with you, saying nothing, doing nothing, just being there. And I am happy. We have few words between us, except when we talk in taps and touches. Some people don’t talk, because they like to listen. Some people don’t talk, because they like the quiet. They like music, and singing and sighing. They need no speaking voices, because they like the silence. I like that silence. Do you? I wonder.

I wish I could seduce you, make you want me, leave you ill with desire. Perhaps I could, if I tried really hard. But I’m afraid. Afraid to fail, afraid to scare you away. I need you to want me on your own. To get past your fears, your wary heart, in your own way, in your own time. Then maybe you’ll take a jump for me. Coz I’m nice and soft, but being with me is still a pretty big fall, and I’m no cushion. I won’t push you to fall, I’ll only catch you if you do. And I accept the choice that you won’t.

Such is my innocence.

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