♫ Last Christmas I gave you my heart ♫

♫ And the very next day, you gave it away. ♫

I always thought the song was sappy.

Like when you sing a song that says

♫ I’m over you! ♫

♫ I don’t need you anymore! ♫

Yet the very fact you sang it means you’re not …

If you were, you wouldn’t sing.


Last Christmas, I gave myself to you.

Or maybe, in some ways,

You gave me to me.

You showed yourself to me,

and you showed myself to me.

Through your eyes, I saw me as I really am.


But now I feel my gift is gone

Because you’re gone.

You gave to me the gift of … me!

And then you walked away

Taking all that ‘me’ with you.


I used to be a goldfish.

Safe behind the glass,

Staring at the world outside,

But never once daring

Or wanting to join.

At least until you came.


Now you’re gone

And I splash inside a bucket,

Waiting for the Fish Tank Master

To plop me back into the pool

Where I belong.



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