Pointless break-ups are the worst. You find someone you care about, and you know they care about you, but somehow it doesn’t work out. Nobody cheated. Nobody lied. You didn’t grow apart. You didn’t change. But somehow, some way, you didn’t end up together.

Then you see him with someone else, and you have to know, need to know. Why her? Why not me? And whenever you ask that question, it brings chaos. For some inexplicable reason, your ex gets all defensive. Why should they? It’s a fairly simple question. What does she have that I don’t?

Maybe the reason the ex gets defensive is that he doesn’t know. All he knows is he wants her and he doesn’t want you. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it. Sometimes, things just happen. Think of that person you friend-zoned. What was so wrong with them? Nothing really. You simply weren’t attracted to them, and chances are you didn’t know why.

It’s tempting to compare yourself with your ex’ new beau. You think there must be something wrong with you, that you must be the problem. And it’s painful when the break-up was so amorphous that you don’t know what to fix. Here’s the thing though. ‘What if’ is a dangerous, endless game, and if you value your sanity, you’ll try not to play it.

I was watching THS yesterday, and it featured Mario Lopez. He’s hot. The girl he was dating was equally hot. So when they broke up, it couldn’t have been a case of greener pastures. Mario says he doesn’t like to talk about his personal stuff, and when he was pressed, he said, ‘Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out.”

You might never know why your ex picked her over you, and you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. It’s easier to just let it go, find someone else, and let the dead [relationships] bury their own dead. After all, this was just one person in 7 billion. That leaves you 6,999,999,999 to choose from.

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2 thoughts on “Why her and not me?

  1. Sometimes relationships dont work out. The most stupid thing i have ever done is allowing my friend to try to bring my ex and i back. Just because they thought they had never seen a better looking couple. Not that we were not perfect together, heck we could have been Romeo and Juliet. Ended up in disaster!

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