Feelings suck. Truly, they do. It’s no surprise that some genius created the concept of ‘no strings attached’. And this week has been a pretty bad one as feelings go. I’ve had some high highs and low lows, sometimes separated by as little as a millisecond. I’ve gone from drenched, skipping, and dancing in the rain to mourning a gift I didn’t know I had. Days like this, I wish I was a lot less in touch with the state of my heart.

Monday night was awesome in ways that rate above and beyond PG. For most of Tuesday and part of Wednesday, endorphins, sore muscles, and sleep had me in a state of incessant nirvana. Then a simple three second phone call brought me crashing to the ground, and I was too upset and proud to even cry.

Thursday Friday

Thursday brought the promise of a different kind of high, and the morning was a bungee in itself, prevaricating between extremes of awkwardness and pleasantly surprised amusement. The events carried me through to Friday with a warm heart and a goofy smile, before another twisted phone call knocked the wind out of my sails. Maybe the moral of the lesson is that I should stop receiving phone calls at work. Maybe I should ditch the mic inside my cell phone altogether, and simply stick to text. It works for at least one person I know. Or maybe I’m just too moody for my own good.

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