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I don’t drink. But whenever I do, it’s Baileys, Baileys, Baileys. I like that it tastes like liquid chocolate, and comes in a beautifully curvy bottle. There’s something very comforting about that rich, colourful packaging. Well, there used to be.

I’ve had an interesting afternoon. I started out browsing 15 ads that changed the way we view homosexuality, and giggled at all the double entendre. Then I looked at 16 ads that changed the way we view sex, and was especially touched.

I paused on Twitter, to see what was going on, and saw a link about Baileys changing its bottle. The article was more about how amazing the campaign was, but all I could was think was OMG, they made the bottle thinner? Why?!? Well, “The trendier bottle now has a heightened and a slimmer body to give it a more feminine, stylish and elegant profile giving every stylish woman a reason to find a place for it in her lifestyle.” Sigh. Did I mention the billboard features a ballerina?

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I have an almost-teenage daughter. And I’ve struggled with weight issues all my life. Currently, I’m attempting to lose 15kg on the advice of three different doctors. The last thing I want to see is my favourite soothingly voluptuous beverage going on a diet. It’s not bad enough that thin is in on runways and in the media, now it’s in my glass as well?

I don’t usually care about pointless social activism, but this one has struck way too close to home. This move may work for the majority of ‘stylish women’, but from this slightly over-weight diva, my only words are shame on your Baileys. Shame on you big-time.

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