It’s the title of a song by Ed Sheeran and Dot Rotten. I’ve skipped over it a few times, because the lyrics were so sad I couldn’t bear to listen to them. Today, for some reason, it spoke to me, and I’ve had it on repeat since noon. Something about that harmony is a unbelievably soothing, and I can see why Tailor Swift is jealous of his voice.


I was going to title this post ‘moments of loneliness’. Because there are moments in life when you’re surrounded by people, yet you still feel unspeakably alone. In moments like that, the right song can carry you through. For me, today, that song came from Ed. The way he sings that penultimate chorus, I could die happy. 27 seconds of bliss.

Also, I learned a new word. Well, two new words. Heterosexist and limerence. Just saying.

My current crush plays music. He’s not on Ed’s level, but he’s got rhythm, and I like that. Maybe one day I’ll get to see him dance. Of course that might require me to dance, so maybe it’s not such a good idea. It’s a pretty thought though. Still, I doubt it’s a good sign to think about the boy I like while listening to a beautiful song about death. Hmm. Moving on.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a glass wall in front of my desk. And that every time I ‘stare into space’ I’m really looking at reflections. Sometimes, the reflections show me the naughtiness on my workmates’ computer screens. Other times, they show me a 6th floor view of Waiyaki Way. Right now, I can see a hawk flying in the sunshine, and as I listen to this song, I’d like to pull a Bran, put myself into that bird’s body, and savour the freedom that it probably doesn’t know it has. And speaking of wargs, Mr R.R, Book Six please! #KthxBye #AsYouWere

Book 6


Goodbye to you ♫ Ed Sheeran ♫

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