This video has been doing the rounds … and most people seem to think it’s super cute. Maybe it’s just me, but something in this video chilled me. No, not something. EVERYTHING!

I know that my response will be dismissed as feminism and men-hating and blah blah blah. But if we could stop for just one minute and think about these two kids.

This little girl, for whatever reason, does not want to be kissed. And this little boy, for whatever reason, has decided to kiss her – whether she likes it or not.

How is that cute? If this little boy tried the same thing five years later, or ten years, or fifteen years, would we all still think it was cute?

Fine, we can say it’s innocent and harmless because they’re so young. But what are these kids learning? I don’t know what happened after the video – or before it. But this boy may very well grow up thinking girls don’t mean it when they say no.

And the girl could grow up thinking it doesn’t matter if she does say no, because the boy will do what he wants either way. What kind of world would that be?

Oh wait …

Listen World. That little girl’s body is hers and hers alone. And if she doesn’t want him touching it, or kissing, or doing anything to it, it’s her right to refuse, and he has the obligation to fucking pay attention.

So, little boy, and everyone who told you that what you’re doing is cute – you need to just stop. And you, little girl, are an inspiration to us all. Don’t. Ever. Change.


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