Shoppaholics h[e]aven

I had a date at Java Adams tonight that didn’t quite work out, and my little black book failed me too. Since I had a free evening and a ‘paid’ babysitter, I didn’t want to waste my night out. So I decided to go shopping.

There’s a market behind Java that’s called Toi. It’s an open-air market where you can find anything from tangerines to Timbaland boots, all at affordable prices. I call it the ‘real people’s mall’ because in regular malls, all I can do is window-shop.

I got myself some nice tops, and a pair of sparkly jeans for my daughter, as well as some grapes and four apples. I also got a keen lesson in business – and realised that I’m not very patient.

Toi has two kinds of stalls. There are the ‘high’ stalls, where items are hung on display, so you can instantly see what appeals to you. Then there are the ‘ground’ stalls where stuff is splayed on the floor in amorphous piles, and you have to sort through them to see what you like.

The ground stalls are way cheaper.

I noticed that while the high stalls are pricey, they’re easier to use. They save you time and effort, but you spend more money. The ground stalls are very often goldmines, and you can find dirt-cheap treasures, if you have the patience to sift through the stacks.

But I found that I preferred the high stalls. They were just so much more … convenient! And as my brother eloquently put it, when you find items at a throwaway price [i.e. ground stalls], you have to work for it.

In my business, I take the high stall approach. I’ve laid out all I have to offer in a nice, clean, easy-to-use way. You can find a summary on the About Page, and detailed explanations in each little space. The template itself speaks volumes, since the lady’s violin and the light purple rose is all quite me.

So do look around and take in the scenery; I’m sure you’ll find something that goes great with your shoes … or your hair.