When a girl gets married, she loses a name. Or changes a name. Or gains a name. Depending on how you look at it. Some girls like to hyphenate, to have a foot in both worlds. Me, I’m old-fashioned. I believe in new beginnings, new initials. Besides, I’m still my father’s daughter, no matter what I’m called, right?

You might [or might not] have noticed a slight change in…tone in the past few days. A lot of stuff has gone down, stuff that has changed me profoundly. No, I didn’t go to South America and change my name to Diego or anything, but I did have a slight…operation.

See, differences in…gender…arise from the differing levels in testosterone. Guys generally have more than girls, and it’s generally stored in the…fruit basket. So if someone was to, say, lose their harvest, then they’d clearly be a little less…bass.

That’s what happened.

I went a little trigger happy with the clippers and lost my cashews. The essence of the cahsews is still there of course, it’s just a lot less…visible. Hence the voice alterations and stuff like that.

When I first found CB, she sounded a lot different than she does now. She didn’t like mirrors much – she was more of a window person, looking out at the world and offering some lemonade.

But lately she got into vanity cases and things, and it went to her head. Fortunately or unfortunately, the mirror broke, and I’ve had to take a step back, look at her, look at me, and figure out who’s who.

C is a watcher, an observer, a commentator, a writer. CB is a talker, and she doesn’t always know when to shut up. We tried a marriage of convenience, but you know how I feel about birds, bees, fleas [and girl on girl action]. I’m keeping the name though.

So chances are you’ll be seeing a lot less of B and a lot more of C. Except maybe when Mwaura visits, then all bets are off. But either way, hopefully, me – we – can still make you smile sometimes. 🙂

Is it lunch time yet?

PS : Does anyone remember in which year Relic Hunter aired on KBC? It was some Indiana Jones type show with a hot gypsy-looking chic called Sydney Fox and a cutish little Briton called Nigel Bailey. The chic was an archaeology professor and they used to go round the world hunting artefacts and things. I’m pretty sure it used to come at 6pm on Sundays, but I can’t remember the year. Google says the show ran from 1999 to 2002 but I’m sure KBC had it way before that…if that’s possible…help?

2 thoughts on “Voicelift

  1. Relic Hunter aired somewhere early 00’s and I’m surprised that, for once, KBC aired a show while it was still ‘current’.

    that was a cool show. i miss it. think it’s on DVD?

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