Or as Hugo would say:

Ma Victor, what is it that it is that is it?

That’s what I think anyway!

Disclaimer : This here has banned me from incomprehensible incontextual tweets, and this other one refutes similar facebook status updates, but nobody said anything about blog posts *cheeky grin*

Alors [clearly, I aim to exhaust my French vocabulary today] is it possible for two people to do … or say … the exact same thing and have completely different meanings?

Take this in the context of a typical CB-uation, where I analyse everything from the air you breathe to the angle of your nose when taking said breath.

Now, I know two people can go into the same Nakumatt with the same stated aim of buying Omo and end up with two different soaps – powerfoam and new blue omo with powerfoam extra to the power of ten  herbal…

I don’t mean that.

I mean two guys standing at a stop sign staring at the green light and … wait bad example.

I mean like when two boys say ‘let’s just be friends’, and one means ‘Really, let’s be friends’, while the other one means ‘girl, will you please stop stalking me?!’ That type of thing.

Is that possible?

This would make a lot more sense given in context **puzzled frown**

Okay, supposing two guys give you a flower.

A yellow rose.

Folklorically, [no, that’s not a real word] yellow roses mean ‘let’s just be friends’. In the Dolly Parton song [yes, I admit, i know an annoyingly unhealthy number of Dolly Parton songs] the dude gave her a yellow rose the day he met her, the day he left her, and pretty much every day inbetween. Could mean she liked yellow. Could mean he liked yellow. Could also mean he was yellow. Or maybe yellow-yellow … oh never mind.

So, is it possible that one guy’s yellows rose means he digs you while another guy’s yellow rose means he dumped you?

Example two, chocolate. A boy gives you chocolate because he likes you, right? Or because his dad works at the chocolate factory and he likes you, right? Or because he’s lactose intolerant … and he likes you, right? Right? Or because he just really hates chocolate and he likes you, right?

So … chocolate = he likes you, right?

Or … a girl calls you because she has airtime, yes? Or because there’s an offer or free calls from zain to zain, so she has airtime, yes? Or because she has an urgent message for you and she has airtime, yes? Or because her boss told her to call you and she has airtime, yes?

So … a girl calling you means she has airtime, yes?

No, I still can’t find a way to put it in context **more puzzled frowns**

Oh well. I’ll be back…

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One thought on “Que'est-ce que c'est?

  1. Wow. I think I’d pay to get inside your brain for a spell.

    Not for too long tho! 😉

    **cheeky grin** be careful what you wish for … 😉

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